Selling Technologies is a human behavior company and training innovator.

Our initial focus began in 1995 to develop a new way for professionals to educate and engage with business owners. Our programs do three things:

  1. Help individuals quickly identify problems.
  2. Understand the size of a problem and who will be affected.
  3. Motivate them to fix it.

All of our programs use video storytelling to affect behavior to capitalize on the fact that 90% of what our brains pick up is visual, and people process images 60,000 times faster than text. Emotion cannot be efficiently conveyed with text. Our content has no discussion of insurance product or financial services. We help remove the commodity trap.

Our training initiatives employ innovative methodologies to create reinforced "summarized" learning that is sticky. All training we facilitate is carefully designed to connect with the target audience and crush the Forgetting Curve.

Professionals who license our programs are: insurance advisors, wealth managers, financial planners, exit planners, banks, CPAs, business coaches, and estate planning attorneys.

As an organization, we remain focus on a simple fact. Our clients are practical people. They expect results. So do we.

Selling Technologies is a disruptor for positive change.


strategic alliances

Beyond Insurance is a coaching, training and performance-effectiveness firm that offers leadership training, cultural transformation, talent and tactical development for enlightened professionals who are looking to take their organization to the next level. Since '07, the repeatable, proven, consultative, and diagnostic processes designed by Scott Addis and team have transformed individuals and organizations.


Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) is North America's leading provider of Exit Planning content and tools. BEI provides written content - including brandable newsletters, white papers, marketing materials, and planning tools to help advisors engage business owners about their business exits.



What makes us tick

Blog Link. Industry and human behavior perspective.

Business Owner Thought for the Day. More intellectual energy.



Jerry and Michael have been in business together for more than 38 years. Their combined creativity led them to produce hundreds of television commercials, training programs, interactive technologies, even a full-length motion picture.

Today, they continue to develop innovative solutions to help companies in insurance, financial services, healthcare, and other sectors who need to enable communications in a world where customers and staff are dispersed and mobile addicted.

They are regarded as thought leaders in the industry.

Jerry Mainardi

Michael Mainardi



1.Jun.18 - AMANDA Zero model added, 100% hands free with all set-up, contact import and automated campaign launch.

6.Jun.18 - Presenting at the ATPI Conference in MN.

7. Jun.18 - AMANDA webinar for BEI Members. 1:00pm Eastern. http://pages.exitplanning.com/Selling-Technologies.html

26.Jun.18 - Co-hosting a Mid-Atlantic Business Owner Summit in Villanova, PA.