FamilyMatters is an interactive movie.

The seminar presentation is designed to educate the members of a family-owned business and helps the individuals carefully untangled the family dynamic from the day-to-day company operations. Many of these companies think their problems are unique to them, but the opposite is true. Most family-owned operations face many if not all of the same challenges.

Family-owned operations want to keep ownership in the family, which makes sense but that requires intelligent planning and objectivity.

There are five main topics in the seminar and at the conclusion, all attendees will leave with a concise self-assessment of their particular situation.

FamilyMatters is CE approved for CPAs in every state.



  • Download or Installation Disc
  • 50 Quick Compass Booklets
  • 50 Evaluation Tags
  • Access to marketing materials and support documents
  • Movie poster template