training is a process not an event

"Ninety-four percent of what your students learn in a two-day seminar is gone one week later. Without doing ongoing reinforcement training, you will run the risk of squandering your investment." ASSOCIATION FOR TALENT DEVELOPMENT.

Conventional training with live facilitation alone is not an effective means of training. The Forgetting Curve illustrates that 50% of content presented is lost after one hour, 75% is lost after 24 hours and fully 94% is lost after one week. To create stickiness and enhance learning, there must be a methodology implemented to reinforce topics with video that can be accessed on-demand. This gives individuals the ability to customize the flow of information and will increase adoption.

And if your firm is concerned about the DOL Fiduciary Ruling, Selling Technologies has a methodology to help with advisor training, client education and maintaining compliance. We have also created a dedicated group on LinkedIn focused on DOL developments. Preview/join here.