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the most powerful seminar to educate business owners



BusinessKillers. Avoiding the six common mistakes that can destroy a business and the owner's future.

It is the most powerful 60-minute seminar program on the market. The process is proven. Simple. Easily repeatable.

BusinessKillers is educational. It was developed by business owners, for business owners. There is no discussion of insurance products or financial services. Instead, attendees are taken through a series of six topics and perform a quick self-assessment of their risk.

BusinessKillers is also CE approved for CPAs in every state.



  • Download or Install Disc
  • 50 Risk Barometer booklets
  • 50 Evaluation tags
  • Access to marketing materials and support documents.

the business of medicine

what physicians don't learn in medical school



The Business of Medicine seminar follows the same proven process as BusinessKillers. It was created to help medical professionals quickly identify potential problems.

There are six main topics and attendees leave the presentation with a concise self-assessment of their level of risk with regard to key topics. There is no discussion of insurance products or financial services in the seminar.

The seminar is only 60 minutes.

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  • Download or Install Disc
  • 50 Risk Barometer Booklets
  • 50 Evaluation Tags
  • Access to marketing materials and support documents.


protect the business. preserve the wealth. cherish the family.



FamilyMatters is an interactive movie.

The seminar presentation is designed to educate the members of a family-owned business and helps the individuals carefully untangled the family dynamic from the day-to-day company operations. Many of these companies think their problems are unique to them, but the opposite is true. Most family-owned operations face many if not all of the same challenges.

Family-owned operations want to keep ownership in the family, which makes sense but that requires intelligent planning and objectivity.

There are five main topics in the seminar and at the conclusion, all attendees will leave with a concise self-assessment of their particular situation.

FamilyMatters is CE approved for CPAs in every state.



  • Download or Installation Disc
  • 50 Quick Compass Booklets
  • 50 Evaluation Tags
  • Access to marketing materials and support documents
  • Movie poster template

businesskillers property casualty

risk mitigation and asset protection



In today's marketplace, agencies face continued downward pressure on margins. To differentiate and change the conversation with clients and prospects a producer must avoid the commodity trap.

The price and product conversation does not address the key issue - identify and mitigate risk.

BusinessKillers Property Casualty positions the presenter as a true Risk Manager.



  • Download link or Installation Disc
  • 50 Risk Barometer Booklets
  • 50 Evaluation Tags
  • 20 Brochures
  • Access to training and support materials


advanced messaging for advisors, networks, distributors, associates



AMANDA is only platform of its kind that is proven, automated and scalable. It drives top line revenue and will help the financial services industry grab significant share of the $50 Trillion once in a lifetime opportunity of assets that are about to become liquid and transfer from one generation to another.

AMANDA is a unique communication program that creates stickiness with clients and prospects and helps professionals stay engaged. The one-on-one communications are never polluted with ads or promotional content.

You have access to a video library and every video you send plays in a branded page that you create. Your (video) communications can be sent via email and text message. You can create automated campaigns that require no time on your part once they are launched. Premium Users and Power Users can upload their own content.

AMANDA can also be integrated with your existing CRM program.

All interactions are fully track-able and the application can be used on any device with an internet connection. All browsers are supported. The system boasts 99.99% up time since it's launch November 11, 2011.

AMANDA is also used effectively as a training tool to deliver video reinforcement of content and crush the Forgetting Curve. It's makes training more efficient and allows recipients to learn at their own pace.



  • Access to over 120 professionally produced videos
  • New content added consistently
  • New design templates are being added
  • Automated "smart" campaigns
  • Access 24/7
  • Embedded video tutorials on every page
  • Three levels of users: Standard, Premium, Power User
    • As a Standard User you have access to the video content created by Selling Technologies.
    • As a Premium User you also have the ability to upload video content to a Personal Vault. A maximum of two uploads per month.
    • As a Power User you can import/distribute unlimited proprietary video content.
    • Selling Technologies reserves the right to review and reject long-form video content and/or content deemed inappropriate.