Selling Technologies was in the Insurtech space long before the term appeared in any conversation. We are a SaaS company that has created and refined processes that are built to scale.

We have developed an automated methodology that is friction free. Redefined how insurance and financial services are sold. Our applications have repeatedly proven to influence behavior. Drive robust revenues. And quickly motivate individuals to act. We pioneered and have been using video storytelling to affect behavior since 1991.

Content, the cadence of contact and recipient (pro-active responses) are part of our pattern recognition and help us create new content and enhance the process and client revenues.

Selling Technologies is a training innovator. Our training initiatives employ innovative methodologies to create blended learning that is sticky. Everything we facilitate is carefully designed to connect with the target audience and crush the Forgetting Curve.

Our clients' success is the only valid measure of our own.

Selling Technologies is a disruptor for positive change in the insurance and financial services space.



Jerry and Michael Mainardi are the co-founders and managing partners of Selling Technologies.

Jerry Mainardi

Michael Mainardi


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Jerry and Michael have been in business together for more than 37 years. Their combined creativity led them to produce hundreds of television commercials, training programs, interactive technologies, even a full-length motion picture.

The skillset they have refined is focused on motivating human behavior. And in 1995 they turned their attention full time to the insurance and financial services space. They are regarded as thought leaders in the industry and disruptors for positive change.



23.AUG.17 Selling Technologies continues to publish Business Owner Thought's for the Day. If you'd like to send these to clients or post on your website. Just check LinkedIn or Twitter.

6.SEP.17  Hurricane Irma cancelled the ABA Bank Insurance Sales Conference in Ponte Vedro Beach, FL on September 12, but we have already been invited to present in October at their National Conference in Chicago and will be there.

7.SEP.17 More success stories from advisors who are now partnering with P&C Agencies to help their Commercial Lines customers mitigate risk.

24.OCT.17 Selling Technologies attending an Ameritas BusinessKillers seminar. This team has taken their presentation to a whole new level.